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About Our Christian Daycare in San Antoniosafe. secure. supportive.Our constant prayer, our mission at The Pillars Christian Learning Center, is to empower children - identifying, acknowledging, caring for and appreciating the diverse needs and talents of each child, and helping them know and understand they are accepted and valued for their uniqueness. It is our honor and privilege at The Pillars to participate in the early childhood development of your child. We offer a safe, secure and supportive environment for every girl and boy - from infant through age 12.

Children are the pillars of our future; their journey begins here.In 2010, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) published the Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development (SECCYD), that is the most comprehensive study ever done following the long-term effects of child care at an early age on children's social, emotional, intellectual, and language development through their teen years.  
What you will see is what we have been saying here at The Pillars Christian Learning Center for a long time. A great teacher really can make all the difference in your child's future! The study was profiled by Ann Curry on the Today show detailing not only that "high quality child care" makes a positive impact on early childhood development, but also what constitutes and what parents should look for when searching for a "high quality child care center". 

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