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That's the concept behind the Little Free Library installed at Bulverde's Community Park by the Parks Committee and the Spring Branch Bulverde (SBB) Family Lions Club; it is a concept that makes it easier for readers to find a book for free or pass one  on to others.
Acting on the no-cost-to-the-City initiative of Bulverde Councilwoman, Yvonne Chapman, local State Farm insurance representative, Kathleen Banse, purchased and donated the Little Free Library "building" and has joined with the Bulverde Spring Branch (BSB) Public Library and the Bulverde Parks Committee to bring the Little Free Library outpost to the main entry of Bulverde's stunning park.

Banse recently obtained one of the decorated boxes, which are about 18 inches long and 14 inches deep, and asked the City Council via the Park Committee for permission to install it in the Park. The BSB Library Director, Susan Herr, volunteered library resources to provide an initial supply of books and Bulverde's little park "library" was born.

The free book exchange program has ignited book lovers around the world. "What better place to have this little library when you have somewhere between 8,000 to 10,000 visitors per year come to the park," Banse said. "It provides people an opportunity to browse and maybe it will encourage them to read more or maybe they'll stop in at our local library."

The national Little Free Library organization was created in Hudson, Wisconsin, in 2009. The libraries-essentially protected boxes that hold books people donate-provide books for anyone who wants to read them with no costs, no sign-outs, and no strings attached.
The idea is to take one of the books in the box or exchange it for a book the reader has finished and would like to share. Anyone taking a book can keep it. There are 50,000 Little Free Library book exchanges around the world, in all U.S. states and 70 countries. Readers can find nearly 50 of the over-sized birdhouse-like boxes in front of homes and public libraries around the greater San Antonio area, including two in New Braunfels, four in Boerne, and one in Fair Oaks.

Persons seeking more information about the world-wide literacy program will find it at The Little Free Library's website at: Our Bulverde Park's location is being added to the site's long list of little libraries.

After it was installed in the park on July 14th by the SBBLions, Susan and BSB library officials stocked the Park's Little Free Library box with the initial offerings.Director Herr emphasized, "At the BSB Public Library, we encourage literacy in many ways, whether it be through books from our library or through exchanges like The Little Free Library." 

Pleased with the resource addition, she indicated that library personnel will make sure the box remains stocked with a range of offerings for adults, children, and teens. Herr added that the program is an encouraging way for people to help their unwanted books find new homes, for them to obtain books they have wanted to read for some time, and it's an excellent way for them to explore new authors.