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Nutrition 46 caters to those wanting to have a healthy solution for breakfast and lunch!

Serving up Amazing Smoothies packed full of protein and serving as a complete meal- they are sure to fuel you up for the day!  Combine this with their energy tea - your staff will think you're a new person!

Not only do they serve as a healthy alternative to the fast food and restaurant options locally - they provide FREE Nutritional coaching, complete with a 9 point Wellness Evaluation.  By spending 10 minutes with one of their coaches, they will educate you on your daily needs in terms of calories and protein to reach your health goals.  You also will learn your hydration level, body fat AND your Metabolic Age!!!

These numbers can be eye opening and fun and more importantly they serve as a baseline to gauge the amazing results you'll see simply by having one of their smoothies each day!

Nutrition 46 is open to support you and your families health needs Monday thru Friday 6 am - 4 p.m at 121 Bulverde Crossing Suite 114, Bulverde. They also book private appointments for consultations and have the solutions available for at home use!

Swing by for breakfast or lunch and FEEL the difference!