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Reach all Children with His Love and Compassion.
Empower Children to Love God and grow  in the knowledge of our Risen Lord.
May each child grow to fulfill God's good plan and  Purpose 
“on earth as it is in heaven" for His good pleasure.
Develop; Strengthen; Encourage; Love; Each child, well. 
​In Jesus's name.

What Does Childrens Centre Los Niños Do?

Children’s Centre Los Niños is established to assist children in discovering and developing their core beliefs and talents. We seek to aid children in our community by collaborating with the adults in their lives and help in building bridges where obstacles may be present and hinder their ability to live fulfilling healthy and prosperous lives in our world.

We Begin with the basics:

1. Upon receiving referrals, we meet and assess the needs of children and their families (a “global assessment”).

2. We implement a prompt action plan to help meet immediate basic needs.
(“Basic needs” are identified as shelter, food and clothing for the child and family.)

3. We offer hope through pastoral care and resource referral as available in Bulverde and Spring Branch.
(When help agency referrals are not available to the family, we reach out and network with private entities and faith-based institutions to advocate for help in meeting the “basic needs” of the child’s and family’s immediate needs.)

We lay a foundation:

1.Follow-up: once basic needs are met, we schedule future visits with the family to offer and assist in planning long-term goals and implementing these goals to ensure the family is equipped with the support and assistance needed for the children to thrive.

2.  We mentor and support the child and family for as long as the family requests our involvement. 
(We advocate for the family’s self-sufficiency, and we seek healthy developmental boundaries for both children and their families.)

Our non-profit agency’s goals are to assist in:

1. Developing a healthy community
2. Strengthening families
3. Encouraging children
4. Loving all people well