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Jeane Williams

Company: Tupperware

After being a military wife and working civil service, Jeane found a new passion in sales and helping others.  Her 27 year career In Tupperware has afforded her the chance to meet and help many families to spice up their kitchens with top quality products. Her specialty is pantry organization.  Working from home allows her 9am to 9 pm Monday through Friday office hours.

It’s so easy today for anyone to view the catalogs and order on line under her name.  She is always available to place the orders, answer questions, do a party, or train a new consultant.  Jeane loves to do lunch time or after work office displays to give the working gals and guys an easier and quicker way to shop, giving them more free time with family.

Tupperware makes the most useful gifts to give.  We also have a special Fund-raiser catalog for any age group or organization.  Jeane will be happy to help you set up and do all the ordering for your Fund-raiser.